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Mobile Management App (MIS)


MIS(Mobile Installation Setup) app allows users to set up locks using a Smartphone app instead of using computer-based software.
Simply by using this app, you can set up locks.
You won’t need your computer, your own RFID card, the card reader, and so on. All you need is a Smartphone MIS app to set up locks.


24/7 Lock info/Audit trail checking

You can now check your locks 24/7 without any programs. How many times the lock has been used, how many times it was opened/closed and so much more.

No need of real Mastercard

You don’t need an actual Mastercard to open locks or remove users from the locks. Connect the locks with the app and use it as an Mastercard.
It is that simple.

Battery check

Have you wondered how much battery the lock has at the moment?
Wondered when to change the batteries or even worried about what if it turns off?
No worries now, you can check your lock’s battery status using the app as well.
The status will be shown as a picture of battery intuitively. You can also check specific figure by clicking I button(More information)

F/W download is much easier now

Don’t you get sick and tired of firmware download whenever there is a new firmware for locks?
Always have to get a FW download card and read locks in order to download firmware?
Now, you don’t need to do that. Using BLE, you can download FW fast and easy.


Lock setup anytime

You can set up your door locks using your own mobile phone. No need of booting your computer connecting to APs and internets. Just simply turn on your door lock with our mobile phone app and set up as much as you like.