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Technology & Solutions

Wireless Online Solution

Wireless online locks are connected via ZigBee, a transmission type which is more efficient than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and designed specifically to co-exist with various technologies and provide more integration flexibility.
This solution also ensures automatic switching to offline regime and standalone functionality in case of server malfunction owing to its fault-tolerance which guarantees your confidence and total system protection.

Remote Control Operation

Remote check-in/out

Check in or check out guests remotely using e-Smart HMS Online.

Remote lock/card blocking

Block lock or card remotely to prevent access to the guest room by strangers.
Blocked lock does not accept any User card or PIN code except Master card.
Blocked card cannot operate any lock until it is unblocked.

Remote room change

Change rooms remotely by e-Smart HMS Online.

Remote Check out time extension

Extend the guest’s check out time remotely.
No more collecting the their cards again and give them back in order to extend the stay. Simply select the date and extend it.

Comparison Table

Features Standalone Offline e-Smart HMS Online
Audit Trail 2,000 events (Card)
Need to visit the door
Unlimited events(Online)
Remote Online Audit Trail
Low battery status Need to visit the door Remote Online Low Battery status check
Extension of Stay Need to visit the reception to extend Remote Online stay extension without visiting reception
Room Change Need to visit the reception to change Remote Online room change without visiting reception
Real time room control & monitoring
• Room status Monitoring
• Lock/Card blocking
• Lock opening/closing
• Ajar alarm
Need to visit the door Remote Online control & monitoring