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System Software

SMARTeLOCK provides comprehensive online management software for hotel locks, door locks and safes enabling you to manage them and user cards efficiently and maintain whole security system effectively.

The software is designed to communicate wirelessly between locks & safes and server & client system through ISO 802.15.4 2.4GHz high-security ZigBee standard platform to achieve needs of low power consumption. In addition, it is designed to adopt a unique security algorithm and anti-cloning technology for card duplication and AES 128 byte encryption for wireless protocol.

e-Smart HMS Online (for Customer)

Management software for hotels, resorts, hostels, and other accommodations

User & Staff account management
Guest & Staff card issuance
Auto check-in/out
Low battery alert, Intrusion alarm
Audit trail (RFID card: 2000 events / Online: Unlimited)
Instant extended stay without visiting reception (Online)
Instant room change without visiting reception (Online)
Emergency open/close (Online)
Remote lock status monitoring (Online)
Remote passage mode activation for a specific room(Online)
Report a problem with a room by scanning Reporting Card (Online)

HLKS/LIS software (for Distributor)

LKS – Lock Key Management Software

Pre-issue the keycard pre-encoding for guest card
Generate the security key for customers
Read Guest card’s key information
Make cards blank

LIS – Lock Installation Software

Make the lock setup card
Hotel ID setting
Lock ID setting
Wireless channel setting
Define the type of cards to be accepted
Beep sound setting
Latch operation time setting
Lock status sending interval setting